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Vision StatementMission and Vision

Rosepine High School is committed to educating and preparing every student for the challenge of tomorrow's world.


Mission Statement

Rosepine High School provides an education that incorporates effective instruction that is rigorous and relevant which every student needs for academic and personal achievement.  We strive to promote a positive school climate where experiences and lessons provide for the personalized needs of students as they transition through school and into tomorrow's world. Rosepine High School establishes educational systems within the school that is a partnership of students, parents, educators, and the community. Through this partnership, we will produce well-educated, character-oriented, and well-rounded individuals.


Special Note

An organization must have a clear direction for all parts to strive toward.  In this way, various departments or systems in an organization are not counterproductive toward one another.  A vision statement is where an organization such as a school ultimately wants to go in the future.  A mission statement describes the current and near future operations that will contribute to attaining the vision.  Rosepine High School intends to be one entity in partnership with the community it serves pulling toward the goals outlined in both the vision and mission statements.  We encourage review and suggestions regarding these two directives.  If you would like to discuss these directives, please call the school at 337-463-6079 to speak with any member of the leadership team.  You can also send an email here.