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7th Grade Math


Sign up for to receive homework reminders and important classroom and school announcements. 

How to sign up: 
From a smartphone: open web-browser and go to Follow instructions on the screen. 

By message: text @7a3f22 to the number 81010

Don’t you have a mobile phone? Go to rmd. on a desktop computer to sign up for email notifications. 

Accelerated Math:

Accelerated Math will be a 100 point grade every 6-week marking period. This grade will be updated weekly usually on Fridays. Practices and Exercises may be taken home to work on, however, ALL test will be done in class and will not be taken home.  

Grades/Grading Policy:

Grades will come from:

  • Homework- checked for completion or effort
  • Classroom- graded for correctness or participation; point values vary depending on assignment
  • Quizzes- usually given at the end of each topic; 50 points.
  • Tests- given at the mid-way point and end of each unit. 100 points
  • Accelerated Math- 100 points per 6-week marking period.  


RHS rules and policies will be enforced. Please make sure to be familiar with the Student Handbook.

  • 1st  minor infraction- conference with student and notation.
  • 2nd minor infraction- LUNCH DETENTION and/or pink behavior journal sent home to be completed and signed by a parent; brought back the NEXT school day.
  • 3rd minor infraction- Green behavior essay to be copied, signed by a parent, and returned the next school day. 
  • 4th minor infraction- office referral 


Grading Scale:

A    100-93

B    92-85

C    84-75

D    74-67

F    66-0